The Guinness Storehouse – One of Dublin’s top attractions

Dublin is the home of the black stuff, so it’s no surprise that the Guinness Storehouse is one of the top attractions in the city.

With so many breweries now doing tours, it can be difficult deciding which ones are worth doing. The Guinness Storehouse tours have been running for a long time, but they are by no means outdated. If you’re visiting Dublin, it’s well worth a visit and worth every penny.


The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, is a great day out. While you get to learn all about the history of Guinness, they have also modernised the place, adding many cool interactive sections to the tour, making a really interesting and fun experience.

I’ve been to the Guinness Storehouse three times, once when I was too young to have a pint so it doesn’t really count, and I thoroughly enjoyed it each time I went.

So first let’s start with the price. The tickets cost from €17.50, which includes entry obviously and your chance to pull your own pint of the Guinness, or you can choose to have it pulled for you. You can enjoy this pint at the Gravity bar which gives you amazing 360 views of Dublin. This tour is well worth the money and I would definitely recommend you take a trip here when visiting.

To start, you enter through the gift shop where there are some really amazing souvenirs. The tour is self guided – which for me is a bonus but for some people this may not be. The first floor contains the history behind the brewing – how Guinness is made, from the process to the ingredients that go into making it.

You then move on to learn about the Coopers and how Guinness has been transported across the globe over the years. While this was admittedly my least favourite part, the first time round, I enjoyed it a lot more on my second visit, as they have added some more interactive elements. They give a lot of detail, but not so much that it is information overload

Tasting time at the Guinness Storehouse. Here you learn how to properly drink Guinness so that you can taste the flavours, the way they were intended.

The next floor is the tasting floor. Here you will learn how to drink Guinness properly – it’s actually surprising how many people don’t know how to do this. You will receive a small taster – which is not your “free drink” that you are promised when you buy your ticket – and are then brought into a room where they let you smell the different aromas from the four main components which make up Guinness. Then you are led into a separate room where you are brought step by step through how to drink Guinness the correct way. This part is really cool, and is very interesting. I found it a lot more informative and enjoyable than the Heineken Experience tasting section, as a lot more thought and preparation seemed to go into it.

Once you’ve successfully learned how to drink Guinness you’ll head up to the third floor which is the advertising floor. This is really interesting, and very well done. This was one of my favourite parts of the Guinness Storehouse tour as it was so interesting seeing how the ad campaigns have changed over the years, and seeing the different bottle design through the years. They have also added some fun interactive parts to the tour which make it more modern. You can get in a photo-booth and have a picture taken with your face in place of the original face on an old Guinness ad campaign – which is pretty fun.

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During your tour you will also learn about the Guinness family, and Arthur Guinness himself. You will learn about the amazing work they did in the city, and much more. In all The Guinness Storehouse tour gives you a real comprehensive look at not only how Guinness is made, but how it has changed over the years, and the influence that it – and the Guinness family, have had in Ireland, and around the world.

Once you’ve finished learning all there is to know about the black stuff – it’s time to learn how to pour a pint of it. Some people opt to head straight up to the Gravity bar where a bartender pours your pint and you can relax and enjoy the 360 views. If you want to make the most of your experience however, then you should pour your own pint. You get talked through step by step how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness in groups of about 6 or seven. You then pour your own pint, and you receive a certificate at the end stating you can “pull the perfect pint of Guinness”- this is a really nice token/ souvenir to bring away with you. You can then head up the lift to the Gravity bar, where you too can enjoy your nice cold pint of self poured Guinness, while taking in the 360 views of Dublin City.

Tickets can be pre-booked on the website, or you can buy them on arrival.

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