A review of the Heineken Experience tour in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam, I didn’t spend a lot of time in museums, but one of the ones I did visit was the Heineken Experience – and I am glad that I did.

We bought the “Rock the City” ticket which included two free beers, the Heineken tour (obviously), a canal trip, and entry into the A’Dam lookout tour, however you still have to pay if you want to go on the swing. In total it cost €25, which was very good value.


On the Swing at the A’DAM Lookout Tower – it was scary but so worth it. See the video further down the post.

Unfortunately for us we had to rush through the tour to make our canal time as one of the members in our group was late in getting ready and so we were a bit behind schedule. The website says that the tour should take about 2 hours, so I’d give yourself at least that, I’d recommend two and half hours as we had an hour an a half which felt a little rushed. We had to skip through certain parts very quickly, and didn’t have time to relax enjoy our two free beers on the bar, instead we had to pretty much down them and go – because of course we couldn’t leave them. This was our own fault for not giving ourselves enough time, so i you’re visiting, make sure you give yourself plenty of time in order to make the most of the experience.

I don’t want to give everything away for the tour, because of course the element of surprise always really helps to make the experience. The first part of the tour was all about the history of Heineken, and it’s founders. I personally found this part a little boring – but that’s just my opinion, other members in the group loved it. The rooms were very small but the amount of people was not, so you felt a little stuffy and rushed, and you couldn’t really just relax and take in the information.

Next up was information on how they make the beer, and the different ingredients that go into making the beer. This part was really interesting and very well explained. They even let you taste the part of the beer called wort, so that you can understand how it gets it’s sweetness. I actually enjoyed it, but others in the group absolutely hated the taste. This part we flew through, but you could take your time and read all the different information there was to read, as well as being able to play around with mixing what appeared to be beer that was brewing, and weighing the different grains that go into making Heineken.

Next up was the tasting section. Here you get a small beer – it’s not one of the free ones don’t worry…they come later. They then teach you how to drink Heineken properly, so that you can really taste the different elements of the beer. This part is done in the stables where the horses should be, but unfortunately due to construction they had been moved. You can chill in the seated area in the stables and finish off your tester, which is about a half pint, before you head on to the next part.

Next you have the opportunity to make a personalised bottle of Heineken, which is really cool. We didn’t partake in this, as we only had hand luggage with us as we were over for a short trip, and so we wouldn’t have been able to bring it back on the plane.

Then there was an interactive section, full of games, cool photo ops, and even PlayStation’s, where I’m sure a few people spent quite an amount of time. In order to get a go on most things here you would need to give yourself plenty of time, as there are queues of people waiting for goes on the different games etc,. It is well worth the wait however, as it is a lot of fun.

Then, next up is the bar, where you can get your free beers and chill. The bar itself was quite quirky and nice. The only thing it lacked was seats, but considering they expect you to have your beers and leave, so as to free up space for the next group of people, I guess they don’t want you getting too comfortable.

Lastly, like almost every other museum you exit through the gift shop, and then it’s time to head to your boat for the canal trip.

2018-02-18 082415716133456809131..jpg

We had a pretty murky overcast day for our canal trip but it didn’t stop us enjoying every single second of it!

The canal trip was a really great experience. I had never gone on one before and so it was an entirely new experience. You are very low down in the boat, but seeing the city from that point of view is so interesting, and really different. You can buy beer on the boat, Heineken of course, and sit back and relax. The tour guide will give you snippets of information along the way, but otherwise you can pretty much observe around you, and chat with friends.

2018-02-18 083072427867955683113..jpg

Enjoying our bottles of Heineken in the canal trip.

Lastly was the A’Dam lookout tower. This was probably the most disappointing part of the tour. While the view from the top was very pretty, half the restaurant was reserved, meaning that if you came in from the boat tour you had no where to chill and get a drink while enjoying the view, you had to stand. A separate bar/drink area would be much better, because at least if you had to stand there, you wouldn’t be standing over people eating a fancy meal together. It was quite an uncomfortable experience.

The swing at the A’Dam lookout wasn’t included in the price of the ticket, which I thought it was, however it was so worth it. I am terrified of heights so I’m pretty proud that I managed to do it. I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re there because the views are just gorgeous.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam this is a must. It was a full day out, for only €25. You can’t realy go wrong with that.

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P.S: I want to apologise for the lack of photos that are my own in the piece but at the time I had a very old camera which could take about two photos before being full. I’ve since bought the One Plus 5T however, so all future trips will be much better documented.

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