Great places to eat in Dublin for Vegetarians

Finding a place to eat out in when you’re vegetarian can be difficult. Finding a place which has great options is even harder.

I’ve often found when I’m travelling to another country it’s very hard to just stumble upon a place that’s got a great selection of vegetarian foods. I often need to Google places first, which is why I’ve put together this list of places in Dublin.

Not all of these places are exclusively vegetarian, but that’s part of the point. The toughest thing about choosing places when you’re vegetarian is when you’ve to choose a place that suits both you and someone who eats meat. That’s when it gets tricky. Usually places mostly cater for meat eaters with only one lazy option for vegetarians, that isn’t always that appealing. The places on this list have a nice selection of tasty vegetarian options that even meat eaters would enjoy.

So without further ado, here’s a list of places with great vegetarian options in Dublin.

1. BóBós Burgers – Multiple Locations in Dublin

This place caters mainly for meat eaters with a very large selection of burgers from Chicken , to beef, to lamb. However, they do have vegetarian options and they are delicious.

Unlike many other burger places where they serve vegetarians breaded bean burgers, BóBós has two very tasty options. The one I go for is the Falafel burger which is so tasty. It has a Tzatziki sauce and the falafel is so soft. The second option is a roasted vegetable and mushroom burger which I’ve yet to try, but sounds delicious.

The staff here are always so helpful and friendly which is always a bonus. It’s got locations in the city which are very central yet their prices are very competitive. They are known for regularly running competitions for freebies, which are well worth entering. If you fill out the comment cards on the table, you could be looking at a free burger on your next visit, so it’s worth a shot.

Their menu on their website doesn’t include the veggie burgers on it for some reason but they do still serve them.

They have also started serving Mexican food, which is pretty random. Looking at the nachos that a table close to us ordered however, they look very tasty, plus the girl who had ordered them said that they were delicious, there was just a bit too many of them – which is better than there being too few.

If you’re more of a salad person then they serve veggie salads too, which I haven’t tried cause I’m only really a salad person when it comes to Summer, but they do look very appealing.

2. Cornucopia – Wicklow Street.

This place is strictly vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean if you visit with someone that eats meat they won’t find something that they’ll enjoy, as Cornucopia does some amazingly delicious food.

They use all fresh ingredients and as a result their menu varies daily. They are also very reasonably priced as you can get a main with two salads from only €12.50.


Image via Cornucopia’s Facebook

Some of their dishes include; Red onion, leek and sundried tomato polenta cakes with mushroom sauce and sweet corn and leek relish, or Butternut squash and cashew cannelloni with gran Moravia cheese, plus many more. They use really fresh ingredients to make tasty wholesome meals. Their meals are so healthy without being bland.

As a vegetarian I love this place as there is so much choice – obviously, what with it being an all vegetarian restaurant- but their dishes are really different and varied, and if you go in the next day the menu may be different. This means that you aren’t going to get bored of the menu. The atmosphere here is casual, so no need for fancy attire, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. The Port House

This is a tapas restaurant with two different locations in the city, one on South William Street and one located in Temple Bar. I’ve only ever visited the one on South William street, but their menus are fairly similar, and I’ve heard great things about the one in Temple Bar.

This is a perfect option if you’re with a group, as with tapas everyone will find something that they like. They have really tasty options for vegetarians, and they are really good for making the allergens in their foods really clear to see- which for someone who is not only vegetarian but also allergic to nuts, this is a really big positive.


Deep fried cheese with honey and a half drank glass of the delicious Sangria

The Port House can be a bit on the pricey side which each tapa ranging from €4.95 to over €10. However, as a vegetarian you have many options, from Spinach and cheese croquettes, to deep fried tetilla cheese and honey, and even a Portobello mushroom covered with diced vegetable stew, topped with Mahon cheese.

You’ll also find amazing Sangria here, which is so difficult to find in Dublin, and they have a lovey selection of wines for very reasonable prices.

This is a much fancier place than the previous two on this list but that doesn’t mean you have to be super dressed up. It’s definitely a place you can order one or two tapas and then order more should you feel like it, and sit over your food enjoying your drinks and chats. It has a very cosy feel to it, and I love the dark stone interior of the place.

4. Yamamori – Various Locations.

There are a few Yamamori locations around the city, my favourite being Yamamori Sushi. They have really tasty vegetarian options that are just as exciting as any meat dishes.

They can be a bit on the pricey side, but it’s a great spot for a date night. This is one of my favourite places to go out for a nice dinner out as the setting is very cosy, the staff are friendly, and the food is consistently amazing.

They also have a lunch menu which is fairly reasonable with a vegetarian Ramen costing €10.95, or a Tofu Steak costing €9.95 including a salad or rice.

Image via Ymamori Instagram of a veggie bento box

As a vegetarian, Japanese food is a great option, as many Asian restaurants tend to cater for vegetarians, making really tasty usual dished which are also healthy. One of the challenges of finding a place to eat as vegetarian is finding something you haven’t had a thousand times, and finding something that isn’t boring. This restaurant has a great range of Ramen, Sushi, Curry, and then even the Tofu Steak, which makes for a very interesting and tasty alternative.

If you’re looking for some lunch in Dublin, I would definitely suggest checking out their lunch menu, as it’s not uncommon to pay €8 for just a sandwich in Dublin City, so you’re getting really good value for your money here.

yama cocktails

One of the many delicious cocktails that Yamamoori has to offer

If you’re visiting for Dinner, I suggest trying some of their amazing cocktails. They have some really tasty and unusual cocktails worth trying.

5. O’Neills – Suffolk Street.

If you’re visiting Dublin on Holidays then you’re probably going to spend a bit of time in its pubs. If you’re looking for a pub that does some hearty vegetarian food, then O’Neills is a good shout.


Interior of the pub via O’Neill’s website

They have pasta dishes, and of course, a veggie burger. You can enjoy your tasty food with a nice pint in a traditional Irish pub, which can’t be said for a lot of Dublin pubs which are slow to pick up on catering to vegetarians.

They have a gorgeous Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne which is served with proper thick cut chips or a salad, and a tasty Five Mile Town Irish Goats Cheese Cannelloni which comes served with hand cut chips and salad.

I haven’t tried their vegetarian burger as usually when we’re choosing a place to eat, if they have any veggie options it tends to be a burger, which is usually the easiest thing they can throw together. However, the O’Neills burger isn’t just a simple bean burger, it sounds pretty delicious so I’ll think about trying it out next time I’m there. Their veggie burger is a shallow fried mixed bean and chickpea vegan burger in a toasted seed bun with lettuce, sweet pepper relish, jalapenos, tomato and pickles and avocado.

Prices are just over €10 which is really reasonable, and the food is always piping hot and very tasty. Pair this with a pint and it’s the perfect vegetarian version of an Irish Sunday carvery experience!

I hope you found this piece very helpful, of course there are so many more places in Dublin which do vegetarians options, however these are my tried and tested spots which I would visit again, and have visited again, due the quality of both food and service.

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