Review: The Q-Factory Hotel in Amsterdam

Amsertdam canal image

Picture taken from the Heineken tour canal trip.

I headed off to Amsterdam at the beginning of the year, from January 4th to the 8th – and yes, it was a pretty great way to start the year. There were six of us in total and anyone who has traveled to Amsterdam can probably relate when I say that trying to find accommodation that is central, nice, and reasonably priced in Amsterdam, is a pain in the a**.

After a lot of searching on Air b’n’b, and even at hostels, we had no luck. We decided to check out hotels and see if they would be better, and that’s when we found the Q-Factory hotel. I was skeptical at first and thought that it might not really be a hotel but actually a hostel, but luckily I was wrong.

The Q-Factory hotel is first and foremost, very well located. We walked to the center on the first day, and it was a long walk, it took us about 45 to 50 minutes. However, if you hop on the tram line that is located 2 minutes from the hotel, you will be in the heart of the city within 15 minutes, and trams tend to come every 5 minutes. There are also plenty of shops nearby, and an amazing burger place called Burger ‘n’ Shake, we ate here twice and everyone enjoyed their food, from the meat eaters, to me who obviously had the vegetarian option – a halloumi and portobello mushroom burger.

Also located very close by is Smoke Palace,which is a really amazing coffee shop. It’s very highly rated, with a 4.8 star review on Google, and is one of the top recommended coffeeshops. This coffee shop was so much more relaxing and cosy to chill out in compared to the first place we went (whose name I can’t remember). The staff were very friendly, and the weed was very good. We were able to get off one stop earlier from the tram, and pop in here on our way home to the hotel, which was really handy – yet again another plus for the location of the Q-Factory hotel.

On our arrival we met were met by super friendly staff who were happy to take our bags until we could check in, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get a room upgrade, to the artists room.  The rooms were spotless. They were basic, we had a bed, mini fridge, tv, and a bathroom. The shower in the bathroom was so nice as it was really powerful and it had a really wide shower head, making for a lovely shower. We also had access to the balcony which meant that we could all chill with a few beers in the evening before heading out, or at the end of the night, which was a big plus.

Our room had heating and aircon, something the more basic rooms didn’t. The wifi was also very good, unlike some places were it constantly disconnects and drops, this signal was really strong.

There was also a bar downstairs which was really relaxing. We would meet there in the mornings for a toastie and a coffee, which were reasonably priced, and then we would also have a drink or two there in the evenings before heading off. The staff there were friendly too, and the drinks were not too expensive – for Amsterdam anyway.

q fac chill area outsie

The outside chill area in the Q-Factory hotels Q-cafe (via Q-Factory website)

There was also a little couch area upstairs before you accessed the hallway with all the rooms where you could chill. There were nice seats, a little typewriter, and lights made from trombones which was a really nice touch, considering the Q-Factory hotel was connected to a music studio, college, and also had a stage/ gig area were they were holding a big battle of the bands the weekend that we stayed. There seemed to always be some sort of music event in the hotel, and it had a very unique and vibrant feel to it.

Take a break.

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For our room, with a balcony, we paid only around €100 a night between the two of us, which was a bargain. They frequently have discounts on rooms, so I’d recommend keeping an eye out for when they have a sale on their rooms.

In all I really enjoyed my stay in the Q-Factory hotel, from the location, to cleanliness, to the staff, it ticked all the boxes. The balcony, the upgrade, and the nice music theme to it were all major bonuses.

You can check it out here on, which is were we booked it through. If you’re paying on arrival, note that they do not take cash however, just card.


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