November Birchbox UK Review

The November Birchbox UK, was my second ever Birchbox, and I have to say…I loved it.

I was really impressed with my October one and was happily surprised when I loved my November one just as much. I received a great mix of products again, something that I think is really important for beauty boxes, as the whole idea of subscribing to such boxes is to try out new products, and so giving a range of hair-care, skincare, and make-up products is what people want.

November Birchbox

This month Birchbox themed up with Vogue for an amazing box of beauty treats.

Again the design on the November one was amazing! We were given the option to choose the design on our box between a white version and a pink one. I chose the pink one and I’m so happy I did as I will love using this to store my make-up in the future.

The November box was in collaboration with VOGUE. They handpicked products from the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame- one of those products being the much loved and raved about Hoola Bronzer by Benefit.

So here’s a break down of the products I received and what I thought about each one.

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit


Image via

I had heard a lot of hype about Benefits Hoola bronzer and how it suits almost every skin tone, so I had high expectations…and it lived up to them.

The sample size of this was so good too. I’ve used it everyday since receiving it in my November box and I have so much left of it.

The best thing about this bronzer is that it’s matte. This means that it looks very natural, and also, it can double as a contour too. This is really buildable, so if you’re on the paler side (like I am) then a little goes a long way, but if you decide to wear tan, you can bronze yourself up nicely with this.

Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil by Percy & Reed

no oil oil

Image via

This claims to not only nourish your hair but to also give it a bit of volume too, so naturally I was very excited to try this. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan.

The pros of this is that it didn’t leave my hair feeling oily or looking greasy, like many “nourishing” hair products can. However, I didn’t feel like this really had any impact on my hair. My hair didn’t appear more nourished, or to have more volume. I didn’t notice the nice shine in my hair that I did from last months product.

I wouldn’t be rushing to buy this, it smells nice, but it has little to no effect on the appearance of my hair. It costs roughly €16 for the full size product and to me it’s really not worth it.

Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by Clarins


Image via

This is one of those go-to products by many women…and I can see why. This hand cream is so good. Usually during the Winter my hands can become very dry and chapped from the harsh Irish weather, but this really helped to keep my hands hydrated.

A little goes a long way with this, and despite how highly nourishing it is, it doesn’t feel greasy on your hands and it dries quickly.

The weather has had no effect on my hands, with them looking just as good as during the Summer months, so I am very impressed with this. Also the sample size was very generous for this too, I received a 30ml sample, with the full sized one being 100ml and costing roughly €24.

I will definitely be investing in this hand cream when my sample runs out as it keeps my hands looking nice and healthy, and it smells so good too!

Overnight Tan Sleep Mask Tan Mask by James Reed

james reed

Image via

I’m not usually a fan of tanning products, despite my pale skin I don’t use fake tan, but this Winter I started using a gradual tanner to try and keep up a subtle glow, so when I saw this in my box I was very happy. However I was apprehensive, as I had used a face tan once before and it had broke my skin out so bad.

My skin had just recently cleared right up, I’m pretty sure the Balance Me face wash in last months box was a contributor to this. The last thing I wanted was to try the face tan, only to break out, but luckily this wasn’t the case! This was so simple to apply and it made my skin look really fresh and glowy.

You apply this to a clean, moisturised face at night, and the bonus is it doesn’t leave streak marks on your pillow, or transfer., as it goes on clear. Apply this two nights in a row to get a subtle, lightly bronzed glow. You can apply it a few nights in a row for a darker tan colour.

This is really perfect if you’ve clear skin and want to have a nice sun-kissed look without having to apply makeup. I would really consider using this coming up to Summer so I could ditch any heavy make up and go for a more natural look.

And last, but most certainly not least….

Brush Cleaner by Birchbox

brush cleane

Image via

This is probably my favourite product so far. That probably sounds so bizarre considering some the fabulous products I have gotten to try, but this one was a real game changer.

I’m going to admit, I’ve never been very good at cleaning my make-up brushes and every time I saw people saying that you should was your brushes every week I would scoff- because who has the time for that? But after using this brush cleaner I realised, it doesn’t actually have to take that long.

Just use warm water, some brush cleaner, and swirl your brushes on the Birchbox brush cleaner and they’ll be clean in no time. This works really well for eye shadow brushes which you can clean on the smaller ridges. This takes half the time compared to trying to clean your brushes on the palm of your hand, and the ridges mean that the brushes get a really deep, and thorough clean.

While this is a really simple product, I was so happy to get it in my box as it’s made me clean my brushes every week now.

In all I was incredibly happy with this months Birchbox. I’m very excited to see what I get next month, and what products I like and dislike.

If you want to sign up for a subscription to Birchbox you can find them here. If you click my link it’ll cost you the same, but I’ll get an extra little treat which would be much appreciated!

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