A reflective piece on embracing change and living in the moment

This is a slightly different blog piece than my other ones. This isn’t about travel tips, or a new must have record, but is instead a personal piece: about embracing change, and living more in the moment.

alice in wonderland chanbe

Change can be scary, or it can be exciting, it depends on how you look at it, but regardless of how you feel change is inevitable in life. Things won’t always stay the same. Even if you’re someone who loves routine and doesn’t like to change jobs or homes etc,. the people around you will change.

I’ve recently graduated from college, and got a new job, not along the lines of my degree, but one that’s Monday to Friday and more…sensible. Sometimes you’re so busy trying to get to a certain point that you forget to enjoy your journey along the way. You just want to get through that assignment, or those Christmas exams, or your last shift of the week, that you forget to enjoy the time in between. I’m not talking about being delighted you’re in work, or that you have to study, but realising that you can enjoy the time in between. The days and hours you have off when you’re not in work, or the down time from your study.


Me all chuffed with my degree 😀 (November 1st, 2017)

Rewind a year and I was in a much different place than I am now. I’m so happy where I am now, but I still wouldn’t change a thing. Tough things happen in our life so that they help us to grow- and no I don’t believe in a higher power doing this. What I mean is, you can be the person that sulks about how tough your life is and how difficult you have it, or you can take on the challenges and grow and learn from them- something I always try to do (I do have my occasional whines too though).

Last year I had a part time job, an internship, and I was in college. I barely had time to breath. I was stressed, and it wasn’t until the end of June this year that I finally had a chance to sit back and relax. I finished college, left my internship, and took some time out to just work in my bar job while I got back on my feet and figured out what I wanted. The months of constantly being on the go and just about having time to sleep, as difficult as they were, taught me a few things: a good job isn’t worth it if you don’t have time to rewind and have a social life, spending time with my family is a big priority for me, and then lastly, and probably most important, I’m not ready to try and hop on the career ladder. I may be 22 years of age and graduated, but I’m still too young to settle down.

Towards the middle to end of June this year I sliced open the bottom of my foot at work, meaning I was forced to take some time off. I couldn’t head into the office for my internship as I was on crutches- and even at that I wasn’t able to get around very well. I work in a bar so obviously there was no hope of me being able to do my shifts there. So I had time to finally sit back and relax. It was annoying, having been constantly on the go and always doing things, to suddenly being practically house bound while I waited to recover, but that’s the thing about “set backs”, sometimes they can be a blessing in disguise. And this one was exactly that.

It made me realise how stressed I had been juggling jobs, and how stressed my internship was making me. I wasn’t ready to jump on the journalism ladder and work my way up. There were too many things I wanted to experience, and journalists rarely have any down time. You’re always on the lookout for a new lede or story, whether you’re technically on the clock or not. I want to travel, I want to live, and most importantly I want to enjoy being young while I can.

First job
Me almost two and a half years ago when I first started my first job. I’m not sure if I look older then or now…

I think one of the most important lessons to learn is to live in the moment. You might not be exactly thrilled to be getting up at the crack of dawn to get into work, or to be stuck at home because you’ve injured yourself, but if you can see some bright side to everything, or purpose to what you’re doing then that’s all that matters. Whether it means you work really hard for a few months so you can pay for a dream holiday, or so that you can work your way into your dream job, the important thing is to be positive, and to make sure you strive to be the happiest you can be, and to know that if you’re not happy with something then you have the power to change it.

Last week I started my new job, and after two and half years working in the same place I obviously had my concerns, but already it’s been such a great change. I’m looking forward to the future, but I’m also enjoying the present. Is this where I want to end up? No. Am I happy with my progress from last year, and since graduating? Yes. It’s important for me to be happy in the knowledge that at 22 years of age I won’t know exactly what I want to do with my life, and that I won’t have everything planned for the next few years. It’s a tough age to be, but it’s an exciting one, and for now, I’m happy not knowing where the next 6 months will take me.


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