A man bought a ticket to an “all female” showing of Wonder Woman, and here’s why I see no problem with it

A man bought a ticket to an “all female” showing of Wonder Woman and of course, the internet reacted. As usual you had the typical people shouting abuse (from behind their screens of course), but here’s why I see no problem with what he did.

Many people who claim to be feminists condemned the man for buying the ticket, but they seem to have completely missed the point. Why should he not be allowed to go? Just because he’s a man? Feminism is about giving everyone equal rights regardless of their gender, so dividing people up into by gender such as, “females only”, actually goes against this. It does the opposite of what feminism aims to achieve and only further gives people who consider themselves a feminist, a bad name.

Wonder woman

Why did the screening need to be females only? If they had a male only screening of say, ‘Batman VS Superman’ and a woman decided to buy a ticket, would there be outrage? I doubt it, in fact I can imagine the reactions being the opposite, with people saying “all the power to her”. When did this become ok? When did people take over the equality campaign of feminism and try to turn it into a female exclusive zone. That’s not healthy, and it’s not a practical way of achieving equality.

So where was the movie screening, and why were they planning to make it an all female showing?

The screening is on in Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. The cinema has another screening of Wonder Woman on at the same time which is not a “female only” showing, but Stephen Miller chose not to purchase his ticket to that showing. Is this a protest? I think it’s him making a point, and one that many people are trying to make. Fighting for equality and then looking for “special” treatment, and even segregation, doesn’t work. It makes no sense. You either want equal treatment or you don’t.

Why was it an all female showing? This is where it gets a little trickier, because all the proceeds from the screening will go to Planned Parenthood. That being said, why can’t they just have a regular screening and allow males to support Planned Parenthood, instead of making it exclusive to females?

I understand their thinking behind the screening, but by making it female only, it not only goes against the equality that is being fought for, but also assumes that women are the main supporters of Planned Parenthood, and once again, it alienates men who wish to fight for women’s rights alongside women, by allowing only women to contribute to the cause. It’s another case of do as I say and not how I do.

Stephen Miller has received a lot of hate, and even threats from people, purely when he wants to just go to see a movie. Of course he has his reasons for choosing that screening, be it a protest, to prove a point, or purely because it’s his right to go if he wishes. But why are people angry? He’s supporting the cinema, the movie, and Planned Parenthood, an organisation that helps women with their reproductive rights as well as helping couples choose the best options for them in terms of contraceptives etc,.

Before people are so quick to have knee jerk reactions to things they should educate themselves. Since when has segregation ever achieved equality? It hasn’t.


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