James Vincent McMorrow just dropped his album ‘True Care’ and we love it

James Vincent McMorrow just dropped his album ‘True Care’ and we love it.

Last week the Irish singer-songwriter announced that he’d be dropping his fourth album only 9 months after releasing his third one.

true ccar

In his statement about this new album JVM said that he probably could have fine tuned the album a bit more, but he didn’t want to. He liked the rawness and honesty of it.

“It felt so vital that I leave any flaws on display, not go back and sand off their edges,” he said.

Adding, “Music is so often elevated to a platform before the world has even had a chance to hear it properly. You know what i mean? It becomes this untouchable and intangible thing….. Iʼve done this with my own work before…”

So what his his new album like? In my opinion, it’s probably his best album. It”s only out since this morning, and after a couple of listens through I already love it.

It has a raw sound to it that works. You can really feel his passion through his vocals, and it seems like this fourth album is the one in which JVM has asserted himself. This is the album that represents his tone best.

JVM 2.jpg

Stand out tracks on the album are, unsurprisingly, ‘True Care’, ‘National’, and ‘Constellations’.

It’s a 15 track album, so not for the faint hearted, but it doesn’t feel that long. Each song has a place on the album.

JVM experiments with slightly different styles on certain songs, such as ‘Holding On’, showcasing a new side the the artist who has been around since 2010. JVM uses different electronic influences subtly, and it works.

Speaking about spontaneously releasing his album, JVM says he wasn’t trying to be like Beyonce, something some people were quick to compare him with, but that he just wanted to have his music out there to be heard.

“This entire process has been the funniest most exhilarating process, terrifying and exciting. I had a record in my head that needed to be made, and I needed to release it when it was still as fresh and vital to me as it might be to anyone hearing it,” he said on his Facebook.

“Last night we performed the entire album live for a small crowd in Dublin, streamed live on FB. My friend Bob Gallagher filmed it. He crushed it. It felt special. First time performing it, and the first time for all the people in the room and all the people watching, to hear it. Doing something like this, it feels right.”

Adding, “I know I’m not Beyoncé, I can’t just release a record and expect people to hear it. It’s not about that. I believe this is the best record I’ve ever made, but I’m not good at selling myself, I just make work and want the work to speak for itself.”

“So this felt like the best way to do that. Whatever way it works out, whomever hears it or wherever it goes, the album exists, it’s in the world for people to hear. And that’s what matters to me right now…. You guys are the f**king best. J #TrueCare”

You can listen to the full album on Spotify.


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