Best dressed at the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards were on last night, May 21st, and while some of the stars looked amazing in their outfits, others not so much.

We take a look at the best dressed from last night, from their amazing hair and make-up to their glamorous dresses.

Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa hudgens

She got some stick for this outfit, but we kind of loved it. Compared to Halsey’s get up, and some of the others, this was tasteful and elegant. While the bows might be a bit much, she still manages to pull them off.

Nicole Scherzinger:

Nicole Scherzinger

She can pull just about anything off, but she really stunned in this floor length gown. Her real natural hair style, and simple styling is what made this outfit work so well.

Olivia Munn:

Olivia Munn

I absolutely adore this look. The dress is so elegant and sweet looking, and her wavy hair and minimal jewellery really compliment it.

And that’s it, that’s pretty much the best dressed people of the night. This years style wasn’t exactly the best, and while some others looked nice, they looked a bit to “prom night” like as opposed to looking set for an awards show.

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