Are celebrities just like us? Or are they “public property”?

Why do we feel the need to insist that celebrities are “just like us” only to tun around and feel entitled to know their business?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “they’re only human like the rest of us” said about a celebrity? Probably as many times as you’ve heard someone comment “well they’re famous they knew what they were getting themselves into”, when a celebrity’s private life ends up being aired in the public.

We’re so quick to try and make celebrities seem “just like us” yet do we really think this? For some reason people feel entitled to know all about celebrities private lives, but if you’re the same person who’ll claim that they’re human just like us, then I call hypocrisy?

I am all for celebrities, and I mean people that get famous for talent, like artists and actors, having their private lives remain private. Just because someone ends up in the spotlight from doing something they love, doesn’t give me a right to know who they’re dating, what they bought in their latest trip to the store, or any other personal details they don’t wish to share.

On the other hand, if someone plays up to the media, and becomes famous by playing the media, the Kardashian’s, then I do feel like they have less of case to make. They should still have their privacy if they wish though, but if they got famous by airing personal details, or though a reality TV show then it’s safe to assume fame is their main objective, and so of course their private lives will be discussed. They’ve no talent to critique so naturally in order for them to remain a “celebrity” they’ll need media time. They’ll moan about how annoying the media is, yet they’ll play up to it to get the coverage they need to stay relevant. But if there’s things they want kept private, then I think that should be respected, at the end of the day, anything that doesn’t concern you is none of your business.

keepin up

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s. A reality TV show all about the family’s lives.

Are celebrities human just like us? Of course. And while I agree their work they produce and anything they do professionally should be open for criticism, their personal lives should remain, well, personal because otherwise they’re not like us. If we have a baby, or date someone new, unless we tell people, no-one knows, wants to know, or really cares. So why do we care when it comes to our favorite musician or actor? It’s irrelevant to the work they do, and none of our business.

People complain about how invasive the media is in celebrities lives, but if people didn’t read all about them they wouldn’t be written about. It’s as simple as that. No media organisation is going to give time and money producing content that won’t be read.

As a society we love to point the blame, but it’s time we pointed the finger back at ourselves and took responsibility. If we didn’t care so much about the glamorous lives of the famous and the details of their private lives that they don’t like to discuss, then they quite simply wouldn’t be written about.

So do you rally think celebrities are just like us? Or do you think, once you become famous no aspect your life is off limits to the public?





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