James Vincent McMorrow just announced that he’s releasing a new album

James Vincent McMorrow has announced that he’s set to release a new album.

The Irish singer will release his fourth studio album next week, after making the surprise announcement today.

Taking to Twitter this morning, the 34 year old announced the news by linking to the album where the full songslist can be seen.

To say fans were excited is an understatement, as the announcement came as a shock.

The album, which will be 15 tracks long, is set to be released on the 26th of May, next Friday.

The star also announced tour dates, leaving fans with a lot to be happy about.

Te star has revealed that he will play his entire album a  the concerts over the Summer from start to finish, and then he will play his hits, or “bangers”.

“Shows and songs are what matter here. I wanted to do something special this summer. All the shows that aren’t festivals, i will be playing this new album called True Care from front to back, and then after a short break myself and the band will play a full set of all them hitz….” he said on his website.

“And listen, I know the idea of a musician forcing their newest record on you is some pretentious self centred bulls**t. But i’m not that guy. The reason i want to do this because i want to create a connection with an audience for those 45 minutes that is instinctual and reciprocal, and completely unique. We won’t be doing this show very often, which will make it even more. And like i said, even if you don’t know the new record, the second half of the show will be wall to wall bangers…. do people still say bangers???  what’s the new word for bangers then??…… *googles bangers 2017,” he said.


If his posts on his website are anything to go by it looks like we’re looking at similar enough sound to his last album as he says, “Itʼs probably a risk. Iʼm sure there are people working with me right now who see this as a risk, making a record so close to the last one, choosing to release it with next to no lead up time.”

James Vincent McMorrow seems to have gotten very real and profound about what music means to him, and what way he wants to create it. And this sudden clarity from him has us very excited to hear what he to offer.





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