Why do we feel the need to pit siblings against one another?

I read an article recently, which was doing the rounds online, where the headline read “Poppy Delevingne insists she’s not jealous of sister Cara”, and it made me think a lot. Why do we feel the need to constantly pit siblings against one another? As though trying to make one seem resentful of the other?

In her interview with ES Magazine, the successful 31 year old said “”I am not jealous of her, unfortunately for you,” adding, “I always knew she was going to be something special, since she was a child. She knew the words to every song, the routine to every dance. She was a little actress, we’d bring her out to do a performance after lunch and she was just the apple of all of our eyes.”

By asking siblings this, it’s like suggesting the other sibling is more successful, or vice versa, when in fact, success is very hard to define, and can mean two very different things for different people.

This isn’t the only time I’ve seen people asked this. Sometimes it’s asked the other way around, “Are you siblings ever envious of your success etc,.”. Envy or jealousy is not a trait that is common amongst siblings, at least from my experience. I’ve never thought “I’m so jealous of them”, about my sister or my brother, and I assume many people would agree the same. So why do we think “celebrity” siblings are any different?

Poppy’s response to the question was so perfect. Her smart remark of “unfortunately for you,” followed by her lovely response on how she always knew her sister would be successful. Her answer showed exactly why this question was stupid. Of course she wasn’t jealous, you just wanted her to be so you could have a story about it.

People “assume” that Poppy must be jealous of Cara, because unlike her sister, she isn’t in the media every day. The 31 year old is a successful actress, and model, who has most recently starred in King Arthur. She has no reason to be jealous, not only of her sister, but of anyone. It’s time some of these silly questions were left in the bag, and no longer thrown at people. At the end of the day, no one wants to sit down to an interview about their recent project or success, only to be asked if you’re jealous of someone else’s success. It’s quite demeaning, and belittles their achievements.


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