What we’re listening to this week

By: Michelle and Amani.

This weeks playlist includes suggestions from myself and Amani. Majority of my choices are very chilled songs, while there’s a mix of suggestions from Amani. You can listen to our playlist on Spotify here.


Daughter: Still. Off their album, ‘If You Leave’, this song is one of the standout tracks. It’s very melancholic and slightly haunting, but it’s an equally beautiful song that encompasses the sound of this indie-folk trio.

Soley: I’ll Drown. Keeping on the theme of very chilled songs, this one is off Soley’s first album ‘We Sink’, which was released in 2011. Soley has a distinct sound, with quite an unusual voice. You can tell a song of hers easily, but her voice is beautiful which makes listening to her album from start to finish is quite relaxing .

Dillon: Hey Beau. Again, the main reason I like this song is because of her voice, it’s pretty unusual and easy to listen to.

Alex Turner: Piledriver Waltz. Alex Turner did the soundtrack for the movie ‘Submarine’, and it was about the only good thing about the movie. This song is from that movie and is a very relaxing and chilling song, with a bit more of a beat than the previous songs I’ve been listening to.

G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha: Me, Myself, & I.  Not typically my type of song, but for some reason I can’t get it out of my head this week.


Kygo ft. Maty Noyes: Stay. I constantly seem to have this song stuck in my head and still haven’t got sick of it yet.

Coldplay: Adventure of a Lifetime.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of Coldplay but I have to admit that ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ is a really catchy song.

Young Wonder: To You. For some reason this band reminds me of summer and the good weather we’ve had recently has made me even more excited for summer.

The Killers: When You Were Young.  Forgot how good The Killers are so I’ve been listening to them a lot recently and this song in particular is probably one of my all-time favourite songs.


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