Movies you should watch

By: Michelle Bourke

Having a weekend off where I can chill at home and watch movies is not a luxury I get anymore. Working in a bar has its perks but weekends off isn’t one of them. However, every now and then I get the odd Friday or Saturday night off, and when I do, I prefer nothing more than to stay at home, get cosy, and watch a movie. I sound like such an aul one, but it’s true. This week I have Saturday night off, and hence, the inspiration for this post came about. I decided I would make a weekly Friday post about what movies I would recommend for you to watch, for those of you who are looking for some inspiration. I’ve narrowed down my recommendations by only picking movies that really stuck with me, or I felt I got something from, as those in my opinion are the best type of movies. Movies after all are art, and art is supposed to make you feel something. So without further ado, here’s my picks this week;

1). Mulholland Drive: David Lynch.


I’m a massive David Lynch fan, and this is one of my favourite movies of his. If there’s one thing David Lynch can do, it’s make a movie that both confuses but amazes you at the same time. Mulholland Drive is a neo-noir film, which to sum up simply (which is not easy), tells the story of a young woman, Harring,  who is survives a car crash. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember much about herself, or her life. The movie revolves around Harring, as she tries to piece back together who she is, along with the help of her new found friend Watts. Sounds like a simple plot line but it suddenly becomes very confusing, very quickly. Like many Lynch movies, there are different elements in the movie which seem unconnected, but eventually end up related. Despite the initial confusion when the movie ended, this movie really stuck with me. I was determined to derive my own meaning from the movie before exploring other people’s theories. It’s not a movie that you stick the kettle on straight after and chat about your week. You will be compelled to discuss it, and that to me is a sign of an amazing film. In short, if you want a movie that’s beautifully directed, and a head scratcher, this is the one.

2). Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky.

Directed by the author of the book this movie is based on, it was always going to be successful. Often movies based on well loved books fail because they fail to translate onto the big screen. However with Perks of Being a Wallflower, I actually, dare I say it, enjoyed the movie more than I enjoyed the book. The movie tells the story of Charlie, a young freshman, who basically struggles to participate in life. Charlie is introverted, and does not socialise, however, he is taken under the wing of two older students, Patrick and Sam. I was dubious at first about Emma Watson playing the part of Sam, as from the trailer, her acting didn’t look the most promising. I was however, happily proven wrong, her portrayal of Sam was perfect, as was Logan Lerman’s portrayal of Charlie. It is a very honest coming of age story, which is really worth watching, if even just for the quotability of it. “We accept the love we think we deserve”, being my favourite quote.

3). What’s Eating Gilbert Grape: Lasse Hallstrom.


Seeing as Leonardo DiCaprio finally snagged his Oscar, I felt it was fitting to include one of my favourite movies that he stars in. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was released back in 1993, before I was even born, and is one of DiCaprio’s first movies. DiCaprio plays Depp’s younger mentally handicapped brother in this movie, and he is by far the standout actor. His depiction of Arnie Grape is incredible. If you haven’t watched this you should. DiCaprio at the time was a young, and relatively unknown actor, but the potential in him is clear to see. The movie depicts the life of an Iowa family. Depp plays DiCaprio’s older brother who is trying to keep the family together. The movie explores the struggles Depp faces as he tries to help his family, and tries to remain patient with his younger brother Arnie (DiCaprio). The family are struggling as their mother, who suffers from obesity following the suicide of her husband 17 years early, is housebound due to her weight. DiCaprio was nominated for both a Golden Globe for his performance, and an Academy Award, unfortunately however, he didn’t win.


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